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Service Advisor Sales Training

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Automotive Sales Training 

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Automotive Sales Training for Management & Leadership

3-Step Negotiating Technique (Part 1)


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Welcome to The Mar-kee Group
David Martin, Richard Keeney

The Mar-Kee Group was established in 1996 and launched 24/7 online sales training in 2005. Since then, our revolutionary sales training programs have proven to be the most consistent and convenient way to build your sales, service, and management teams' confidence and skill sets from the dealership, at home, or anywhere with internet access.

Our complete, cutting edge Automotive Sales, Automotive Service, Marine-Specific Sales, RV-Specific Sales Training, and NEW! RV-Specific Service programs includes over 1,000 brief video training assignments with over 300 role-play scenarios. Each assignment includes printable course materials and testing. Student progress is recorded in our real-time reporting center. Accountability features are available to keep your training administrators and management informed of students' progress.  The Mar-Kee Group offers the best automotive sales management training and service department sales training available.  View testimonials.




Service Advisor

  NEW! Service Advisor


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