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"I have been through countless sales training classes in my 35 years,  90-Day Online Boot Camp is refreshing!   The program has some great new ideas that I have implemented and they REALLY work!  Best sales training I have participated in EVER!....Thanks Mar-Kee Group!"

-Chris C., Sales Consultant


"The Mar-Kee Group's Boot Camp provides small daily doses of training with 2 unexpected bonuses:

1.    Every day without even opening the video assignments, the manager is reminded that the new hire has been here (on the program) for “x” days.  For example, today tells me that my new employee has been here 20 days and that cues me to evaluate where we need to be after 20 days. 

2.    Before the daily notification email is even opened, there is the motivational quote.  I love these. Even before entering a team meeting this morning I was reminded that SUCCESS TOMORROW COMES FROM DOING TODAY! "

- Paula M., General Manager



"The Mar-Kee Group’s Boot Camp training is a great sales training refresher! 

I have been selling for a long time and have completed other highly-regarded programs.  However, this is by far the best!  

I love the common sense approach with zero-fillers!  David Martin’s delivery is relatable & I highly recommend to anyone who is serious about maintaining a lucrative sales career."


- Sean B., Sales Consultant


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90-day online Boot Camp automotive sales TRAINING


90 Day Online Boot Camp Automotive  Retail Sales Training


The Mar-Kee Group's Online Boot Camp is a revolutionary, brief daily sales training program for Automotive Sales professionals.

  • We do all of the work!
  • We deliver brief video assignments (Mon - Fri) to each enrolled student!
  • We keep managers informed of training progress every step of the way!



Ask about 30-Day FAST TRACK Boot Camp Training.


  • New hires needing a strong sales process foundation
  • Existing staff that you want to take to the next level
  • Underperformers — whose job is at risk!



Automotive Sales Success for Today's Professional
(A to Z Sales Process Training)
34 segments

Segment 1 - Creating a Great Impression
Initial phase of the selling process
Segment 2 - Greetings & Reception
Professional greetings; Avoid pre-judging
Segment 3 - Building Rapport & Trust
"I'm just looking"; Tips to finding common ground
Segment 4 - Effective Verbal Communication
Importance of words; Listening skills; "Serve, don't sell"
Segment 5 - Electronic Communication Through Emails
Maximize your effectiveness in customer communication
Segment 6 - Effective Communication Through Texts
Rules for business etiquette
Segment 7 - Trust is the Basis for Sales
Without trust price becomes the default issue
Segment 8 - Counseling/Interviewing
Building a customer profile; Gathering important information
Segment 9 - Selecting the Right Vehicle
Know your inventory; Sell what you see; Trade walk
Segment 10 - Presenting the Vehicle (Part 1)
Features & benefits presentation; "Selling the sizzle"
Segment 11 - Presenting the Vehicle (Part 2)
Controlled walkarounds
Segment 12 - Dynamic Demonstration Drives
Keys to creating mental ownership
Segment 13 - Demo Drives / Trial Closing (Part 1)
Tips for the test drive; Effective trial closing questions
Segment 14 - Trial Closing (Part 2) / Setting Up the Negotiations
More trial close questions; Service walk; Discussing money prematurely
Segment 15 - Pace of the Sale
How much time you spend, and where, does matter
Segment 16 - Initial Write-up / Help Your Manager Help You
Info to bring to the "desk"; Evidence manual
Segment 17 - Maximizing the Initial Proposal
Presenting your proposal in the best light; Signals you send
Segment 18 - Initial Proposals / Negotiating Fundamentals
Basics of negotiating for successful conclusions
Segment 19 - Negotiating Tips & Techniques
More on negotiations / Clarify & isolate objections
Segment 20 - Premature Price Questions
Responses to "Best price?" "Interest rates?" "Payments?" "Trade value?"
Segment 21 - Fundamentals of Handling Objections
Overcoming customer resistance
Segment 22 - "Your Price is Too High"
Using your numbers - not theirs; 3 step negotiating technique
Segment 23 - "Not Enough For My Trade"
Dealing with unrealistic expectations
Segment 24 - "I Will Sell It Myself"
The challenge of selling privately
Segment 25 - "I've Got a Better Deal Elsewhere"
Keeping the customer at your dealership
Segment 26 - "I Want To Think About It"
Handling the most common objection
Segment 27 - "I Need To Talk To My Spouse"
Uncovering the real problem
Segment 28 - "I Want To Shop Around"
Discovering why and what to do
Segment 29 - Miscellaneous Closing Ideas
Tried and true closing tips
Segment 30 - Capitalizing On The T.O. (Turnover)
Do not let ego stand in your way
Segment 31 - Selling Pre-owned Vehicles
Tips on selling used
Segment 32 - The Delivery
Make it a lasting impression
Segment 33 - Follow-up For Success
Effective follow-up in today's market
Segment 34 - The Value of Attitude
Power of a positive attitude; Tips on achieving success

Ultimate Phone Expertise
15 segments

Segment 1 – Incoming Sales Calls - Part 1​
Attitude; Physical aspects to improve communication; Listening skills
Segment 2 – Incoming Sales Calls - Part 2​
What you need to accomplish on an incoming sales call; Importance of phone-ups; Directing the conversation
Segment 3 – Incoming Sales Calls - Part 3​
Answering the phone; Getting a "yes" answer; Closing for the appointment
Segment 4 – Incoming Sales Calls - Part 4
Common questions from callers; Best appointment-closing questions
Segment 5 – Incoming Sales Calls - Part 5
Handling price questions
Segment 6 – Incoming Sales Calls - Part 6​
Raising the appointments made/kept ratio; Solidifying their commitment to keep the appointment
Segment 7 – Handling the Tougher Questions - Part 1
“What’s your best price?”; “How many miles are on the vehicle?”; “What would my payments be?”; “How much will you come off the internet price?”
Segment 8 – Handling the Tougher Questions - Part 2
“What are your interest rates?”; “What’s my trade worth?”
Segment 9 – Handling the Tougher Questions - Part 3
“What would my payments be?”; “Has this vehicle been wrecked?”
Segment 10 – Costly Mistakes You Must Avoid
Sold follow-up Day 1; Sold follow-up Day 5; Un-sold traffic follow-up; CSI; Anniversary of the vehicle purchase
Segment 11 – Outbound Calls - Part 1​
Build relationships to make the most of your career
Segment 12 – Outbound Calls - Part 2​
Email and household vehicle request; Voice mail for sold customers; Voice mail for unsold customers
Segment 13 – Outbound Calls - Part 3
Email and household vehicle request; Voice mail for sold customers; Voice mail for unsold customers
Segment 14 – Outbound Calls - Part 4
Service customer; Internet leads; Management call back; Customer contact form
Segment 15 – The Power of Effective Voice Mail​
Strategies and scripts for the ultimate professional

PRINTABLE VERSION - Ultimate Phone Expertise Course Listing

Outstanding Customer Service
7 segments


Segment 1 - Outstanding Customer Service - "The WOW Factor" 
Why is outstanding customer service so vital?

Segment 2 - Fundamentals Of Outstanding Customer Service 
The 10 things to ensure success

Segment 3 - Specific Techniques For Outstanding Customer Service 
Easy to implement, common sense ideas

Segment 4 - The Role Of Attitude In Outstanding Customer Service 
Without a great attitude, the rest is not effective

Segment 5 - Outstanding Customer Svc. - The Most Important Words 
What you say to the customer is important

Segment 6 - Outstanding Customer Svc. - Little Things Mean So Much 
Things that every salesperson can (and should) do

Segment 7 - Fantastic Customer Service Is What Really Matters 
Service is the real differentiator

Prospecting and Follow-Up in Today's Market
11 segments

Segment 1 - Why Prospect & Follow-up
The facts, the benefits, the fundamentals: Building a permanent contact base
Segment 2 - Effective Follow-up on Sold & Unsold
What's in it for you; Getting customers back in; Standing out from the crowd
Segment 3 - Prospecting with Service Customers (Part 1)
Establishing relationships with advisors; "Volunteer greeter"; In the customer lounge; "Vehicles needed" board
Segment 4 - Prospecting with Service Customers (Part 2)
Pro-actively calling; Software to identify vehicles with equity; Approach service customers using an effective script
Segment 5 - Using Personal Social Media - Part 1
Do's and don'ts; Content is king; Often-made mistakes
Segment 6 - Using Personal Social Media - Part 2
The ability to research prospects; highly effective way to use Facebook for ongoing prospecting
Segment 7 - Individual Prospecting Ideas - Part 1
Market to those who bought elsewhere; Prospects everywhere; Target market; One new business each month
Segment 8 - Individual Prospecting Ideas - Part 2
Business cards for self-promotion; Off-lease customers; Asking for referrals - The right way!
Segment 9 - Individual Prospecting Ideas - Part 3
Claims adjusters; Social clubs; Community involvement; Personal advertisement; New promotions
Segment 10 - Individual Prospecting Ideas - Part 4
Afternoon phone calls; Newsletters; "Nest" prospecting; Give specialty gifts
Segment 11 - Individual Prospecting Ideas - Part 5
New homeowners; Organized group presentations; Inspirational quotes (PMAs); Career-building letters and emails


Finally, a powerful Automotive sales training program with zero-burden to management. 

We do the work, deliver daily (Monday - Friday) assignments to employees, and keep managers informed on employee's training progress every step of the way!

This is a perfect solution for sales teams with any of the following recruiting and training challenges:

  • Limited time to commit to training employees
  • Limited ability to train; Not all managers are well qualified to train
  • Wasted time & money spent on recruiting campaigns
  • Frustration with unprepared employees waiting on your guests
  • Mgmt. unable to maintain normal duties due to training distractions
  • Local image affected by turnover 


The Training They Need, Uniquely Delivered,  with ACCOUNTABILITY Built-In!



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