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About The Mar-Kee Group

David Martin and Richard Keeney of The Mar-Kee Group are honored to celebrate over 20 years as one of the nation's leading sales training companies for Automotive dealerships, Boat dealerships, and RV dealerships.   With our comprehensive online training using brief video assignments, 90-Day Online Boot Camp,  and customized in-dealership training, your staff will learn the best strategies to use on the sales floor, at the sales desk, in the service lane, and more.

Why dealerships trust The Mar-Kee Group?

Over 70 years of combined sales, management and training experience

Over 12,000 hours of in-dealership sales & management training provided

Over 4,700 dealerships served in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia


The Mar-Kee Group offers:

Automotive Sales, Service Advisor, & Management Training 

Marine-Specific Sales Training

RV-Specific Sales & Service Advisor Training





As President and co-founder, David brings over 39 years of retail sales, training and management experience to The Mar-Kee Group. He has spoken to the NADA Convention on 11 separate occasions and is proud to have been named the #1 speaker at 6 Australian Auto Dealers Conventions. He has spoken at RVDA, RVIA and MDCE conventions and continues to appear regularly at 20 Group and other Industry Association meetings, both nationally and internationally.

No matter the subject or venue, his presentations educate and inspire sales and service professionals to achieve even greater levels of success. 

If your dealership or organization has not yet enjoyed the results-oriented, non-confrontational style of David Martin, please call today to reserve your dates.  

David is also available for speaking engagements.

Please feel free to contact David directly at 888.300.4629.





Richard Keeney, co-founder of The Mar-Kee Group, has over 38 years of training, sales and management experience. Richard brings a wealth of practical skills and knowledge to each of our clients and a keen understanding of how to make it all "click" to achieve the success your store deserves.

You may know Richard's results-oriented selling style best from the "Success - One Idea at a Time" program, enjoyed by over 4,700 dealerships across the nation. 

"While a solid, ongoing sales training focus is vital to every organization's success, customization is key. I want to make absolutely certain that our training focuses on your specific opportunities and challenges in order to create the structure, accountability and results necessary to compete in today’s environment. Please feel free to contact me directly with your questions or concerns." 

Richard is also available for speaking engagements.

                  Please feel free to contact Richard directly at 888.300.4629.

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