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Advantages of Consumer Leasing by Richard Keeney
Advantages of Consumer Leasing by Richard Keeney

Consumer leasing has many advantages for the customer, the salesperson and for the dealership as well. Having a clear and concise understanding of consumer leasing is critical to your success.  Let’s take a look into some advantages of leasing.

Advantages of Consumer Leasing  

For the customer:

·         Generally lower monthly payments

·         Option of less “up-front cash”

·         Drive a new car more often

·         Less exposure to maintenance and repair costs

·         Factory warranty during all or most of the agreement

·         Guaranteed Future Purchase Price

·         Flexibility to purchase the vehicle later

·         Guaranteed Asset Protection (G.A.P.)


For the salesperson:

·         Potential for a higher gross profit

·         Increased customer satisfaction

·         Improved customer retention

·         Additional referrals from happy customers

·         More flexibility to meet the customer’s financial needs

For the dealership:

·         Greater customer retention

·         Creates great used cars

·         Potentially higher gross profits

·         Increased customer use of fixed operations

·         Higher customer satisfaction scores

·         Increase in new car sales

·         Allows tie-in to manufacturer’s advertising

·         Retain salespeople with attractive customer base


Consumer Leasing may not be for everyone, yet keeping this investment option a secret may be doing some a dis-service and costing your dealership sales and gross profits. To find out how to professionally and confidently present consumer leasing and maximize your selling potential, contact The Mar-Kee Group.

Richard Keeney
The Mar-Kee Group
251-680-6633 (cell) 

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