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     Sales, Service & Management Training Solutions for Automotive, Boat & RV Dealers 

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"The Mar-Kee Group's Boot Camp provides small daily doses of training with 2 unexpected bonuses:

1.    Every day without even opening the video assignments, the manager is reminded that the new hire has been here (on the program) for “x” days.  For example, today tells me that my new employee has been here 20 days and that cues me to evaluate where we need to be after 20 days. 

2.    Before the daily notification email is even opened, there is the motivational quote.  I love these. Even before entering a team meeting this morning I was reminded that SUCCESS TOMORROW COMES FROM DOING TODAY! "

- Paula M., General Manager


"The Online Boot Camp Training for Service Advisors has a lot of good word tracks that I use daily.   I have 6 years experience and found the best part about this program is my training is done is 10 minutes or less!"

-Brandon G., Service Advisor 

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new! 90-day online Boot Camp  RV-Specific SERVICE SALES TRAINING  


90 Day Online Boot Camp Automotive  Service Advisor Sales Training



The Mar-Kee Group's Online Boot Camp is a revolutionary, brief daily service sales training program for RV Service Advisor professionals.


  • We do all of the work!
  • We deliver brief video assignments (Mon - Fri) to each enrolled student!
  • We keep RV Service Managers informed of training progress every step of the way!





  • New hires needing a strong RV Service Advisor sales process foundation
  • Existing staff that you want to take to the next level
  • Underperformers — whose job is at risk!






RV Professional Service Advisor – Road to the Sale
29 segments

Segment 1 - Introduction
Introduction to the RV Professional Service Advisor

Segment 2 - The RV Service Customer    
Expectations & perceptions

Segment 3 - Who Is Your Best Customer?   
You might be surprised

Segment 4 - Price vs. Value    
Understanding the value of price vs. value relationship

Segment 5 - Scheduling the Appointment    
Who, how, when?

Segment 6 - The Meet & Greet – Part 1    
Impressions matter

Segment 7 - The Meet & Greet – Part 2    
Body language; “memory wipe”

Segment 8 - The Meet & Greet – Part 3    
Words have meaning

Segment 9 - The Customer Interview – Part 1    
Benefits of the interview

Segment 10 - The Customer Interview – Part 2    
Becoming the interpreter

Segment 11 - The Customer Interview – Part 3    
Questions are gold

Segment 12 - Vehicle Walk-around – Part 1    
Taking control of the walk-around

Segment 13 - Vehicle Walk-around – Part 2    
Benefits of the walk-around

Segment 14 - Selling from Service History    
Why is reviewing service history important?

Segment 15 - Sales Presentation – Part 1    
Every customer, every time

Segment 16 - Sales Presentation – Part 2    
Capitalizing on the opportunity

Segment 17 - Features, Advantages & Benefits Selling    
The difference between just selling features and Features & Benefits selling

Segment 18 - Customer Objections    
Objections are your friend

Segment 19 - Uncovering Customer Objections    
Clarification; “Last Chance Question”

Segment 20 - Overcoming Specific Objections – Part 1    
“Too much money”; “Inspections”; “Do it myself”

Segment 21 - Overcoming Specific Objections – Part 2    
“Service Contract covers it”; “Next time”; “Don’t have the money”

Segment 22 - Closing the Sale    
“Assumptive Close”; Closing is a process

Segment 23 - Completing the Write-up    
Why the write-up is so important 

Segment 24 - Pro-active Communications    
How & why you should be pro-active in your communications with customers

Segment 25 - The Active Delivery – Part 1    
Importance of a good delivery

Segment 26 - The Active Delivery – Part 2    
Reselling the service/repair

Segment 27 - The Active Delivery – Part 3    
Specific elements

Segment 28 - The Follow-up – Part 1    
Excellence in service

Segment 29 - The Follow-up – Part 2    
How to perform a professional follow-up

RV Professional Service Advisor – Advanced Sales Techniques
24 segments


Segment 1 - Improving Your Closing Ratio    
Simple, foolproof method

Segment 2 - Turning Phone Shoppers into Buyers, Pt 1    
Huge opportunity for sales

Segment 3 - Turning Phone Shoppers into Buyers, Pt 2    
8 steps to handle calls professionally

Segment 4 – Turning Phone Shoppers into Buyers, Pt 3    
8 steps to handle calls professionally

Segment 5 - How to Upsell with Confidence & Integrity    
Credibility is key

Segment 6 - Selling Diagnosis    
Diagnosis is the path to the repair

Segment 7 - Selling Brake Services    
Specifics you need to know

Segment 8 - Selling Inspections    
Keeping RVs safe and reliable

Segment 9 - Selling Generator Service; Roof Inspections    
Features and Benefits

Segment 10 - Closing Techniques, Pt 1    
Trial closing

Segment 11 - Closing Techniques, Pt 2    
Invitational; Directive; Either/Or

Segment 12 - Closing Techniques, Pt 3    
Volley; Similar Situation; Buying Questions

Segment 13 - Closing Techniques, Pt 4    
Convenience; Save; 1-10

Segment 14 - How Customer Fear Affects Your Performance    
Eliminating the “Sales Death Spiral”

Segment 15 - How to Close the Rude or Skeptical Customer    
Identifying and converting

Segment 16 - Words, Signs & Symbols That Create Negative Perceptions    
Perception is crucial

Segment 17 - Be Careful of Words & Acronyms    
A confused mind says “no”

Segment 18 - “I don’t have the money”    
Excuse or legitimate?

Segment 19 - “My extended warranty is supposed to cover that”    
Don’t shift the blame

Segment 20 - “It’s not in my owner’s manual”    
Use power of written word

Segment 21 - “Will it void my warranty?”    
No fear tactics

Segment 22 - “Just do the warranty work”    
Use a flanking approach

Segment 23 - “I’m selling or trading soon”    
Building value in resale


Segment 24 - Maintenance is Win-Win-Win    
Maintenance benefits everyone

RV Professional Service Advisor – Customer Handling Skills
14 segments


Segment 1 - Dealing with the Know-It-All Customer    
Avoid lose-lose confrontations


Segment 2 - “What’s your labor rate?”    
Why it comes up and how to handle


Segment 3 - Handling the Upset Customer, Our Fault    
Succeeding in a difficult situation


Segment 4 - Male Customers vs. Female Customers    
Important and sensitive topic


Segment 5 - Under-Promise and Over-Deliver, Pt 1    
Exceed expectations in 4 critical areas


Segment 6 - Under-Promise and Over-Deliver, Pt 2    
Appointment availability


Segment 7 - Upset Customer, Vehicle’s Fault, Pt 1    
Become the hero


Segment 8 - Upset Customer, Vehicle’s Fault, Pt 2    
Listen; show empathy


Segment 9 - Quality Control Pays, Pt 1    
Reduce comebacks, inconvenience


Segment 10 - Quality Control Pays, Pt 2    
Perception is reality


Segment 11 - Handling the Laundry List Customer    
Make the customer a profitable one


Segment 12 - Requests Repair Out of Warranty    
Turn request into additional customer pay


Segment 13 - Ensure Customers are Satisfied, Pt 1    
Key elements necessary


Segment 14 - Ensure Customers are Satisfied, Pt 2    
Communication and acceptance



Finally, a powerful RV-specific service "sales" training program with zero-burden to management. 

We do the work, deliver daily (Monday - Friday) assignments to employees, and keep managers informed on employee's training progress every step of the way!

This is a perfect solution for RV service departments with any of the following recruiting and training challenges:

  • Limited time to commit to training employees
  • Limited ability to train; Not all managers are well qualified to train
  • Wasted time & money spent on recruiting campaigns
  • Frustration with unprepared employees waiting on your guests
  • Mgmt. unable to maintain normal duties due to training distractions
  • Local image affected by turnover 


The Training They Need, Uniquely Delivered,  with ACCOUNTABILITY Built-In!



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