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MARINE-SPECIFIC Sales Training Course Catalog

To view course descriptions, click the titles below:

(123 Video Segments)

Navigating to Success
24 segments

Segment 1 - Initial Phase of the Selling Process
Introduction; Commitment to the Business; First Impressions

Segment 2 - Greetings That Work
Mental Programming; Greeting and Reception; Avoid Pre-Judging 

Segment 3 - Handling "I'm Just Looking"
Handling "I'm Just Looking"; Building Rapport

Segment 4 - Effective Communication
Effective Communication; Listening Skills

Segment 5 - Counseling / Interviewing To Build a Profile
Interviewing/Profile Building; Counseling; Gathering Important Information

Segment 6 - Counseling Questions and Boat Selection Guidelines
Specific Counseling Questions; Boat Selection; Selling Out of Inventory

Segment 7 - Motivating Features & Benefits Presentations (Part 1)
Features and Benefits Presentation Tips; Controlled Presentations

Segment 8 - Motivating Feature and Benefit Presentations (Part 2)
More Presentation Tips (Part 2)

Segment 9 - Capitalizing on the Sea Trial
The Keys to a Superior Sea Trial

Segment 10 - Trial Closing to Gain Commitment
Trial Closing Questions

Segment 11 - Trial Closing (Part 2) and Premature Money Discussions
Trial Close to Pre-Close the Sale

Segment 12 - Initial Write-up and Proposals
Help Management Help You; Initial Write-Up; Evidence Manual

Segment 13 - Fundamentals of Negotiating
Delivering the Initial Proposal; Signals You Send

Segment 14 - Negotiating Tips & Techniques
Negotiating Tips & Techniques; Evaluating Objections

Segment 15 - Premature Price Issues and Responses
Best Price?  Payment?  Interest Rate?  Trade-In Value?

Segment 16 - "Your Price Is Too High"
Handling "Your Price Is Too High"; Using Your Numbers- Not Theirs

Segment 17 - "That Is Not Enough for My Trade"
Handling "That Is Not Enough for My Trade"; 3-Step Process

Segment 18 - "I'll Just Sell It Myself"

Handling "I'll Just Sell It Myself"; Time Lag Kills Deals

Segment 19 - "I Want to Think about It" "I Need to Talk with My Spouse"
Handling Vague Objections:  "I Want to Think about It" "I Need to Talk with My Spouse"

Segment 20 - "I Want to Shop Around" / Misc. Closing Techniques
Responses to "I Want to Shop Around," "Either/Or" Close, "T" Close, Buyer's Order Close

Segment 21 - T.O. / Selling Pre-owned Boats
Turn Over (T.O.) to Management; Tips on Pre-Owned Boat Sales

Segment 22 - The Effective Delivery
Tips for a Great Delivery

Segment 23 - Follow-up and Lead Nurturing
Effective Follow-up; Prospecting Ideas

Segment 24 - The Power of Attitude
Power of Positive Attitude; Tips on Achieving Success

Ultimate Phone Expertise
15 segments

Segment 1 - Incoming Sales Calls - Part 1
Attitude, Physical aspects to improve communication, Listening skills

Segment 2 - Incoming Sales Calls - Part 2
What you need to accomplish on an incoming sales call, Importance of phone- ups, Directing the conversation

Segment 3 - Incoming Sales Calls - Part 3

Answering the phone, Getting a "Yes" answer, Closing for the appointment

Segment 4 - Incoming Sales Calls - Part 4

Alternative phase 1 script

Segment 5 - Incoming Sales Calls - Part 5

Common questions from callers, Best appointment-closing questions

Segment 6 - Incoming Sales Calls - Part 6
Handling price questions

Segment 7 - Incoming Sales Calls - Part 7

Raising the appointments made/Keep ratio, Solidifying their commitment to keep the appointment

Segment 8 - Handling the Tougher Questions - Part 1

"What's your best price?""How many hours are on the boat?" "What would my payments be?" "How much will you come off the internet price?"

Segment 9 - Handling the Tougher Questions - Part 2

"What are your interest rates?""What's my trade worth?"

Segment 10 - Handling the Tougher Questions - Part 3

"What would my payments be?""Has there been any damage to the boat?"

Segment 11 - Costly Mistakes You Must Avoid

Errors we don't even know we're making

Segment 12 - Outbound Calls - Part 1

Build relationships to make the most of your career

Segment 13 - Outbound Calls - Part 2

Sold follow-up Day 1, Sold follow-up Day 5 or 10, Unsold traffic follow-up, Customer satisfaction, Anniversary of the boat purchase, Voice mail for unsold customers

Segment 14 - Outbound Calls - Part 3

Service customer, Internet lead, Management call back, Customer contract form

Segment 15 - The Power of Effective Voice Mail

Strategies and scripts for the Ultimate Professional

PRINTABLE VERSION - Ultimate Expertise Course Listing

PRINTABLE VERSION - Ultimate Phone Expertise Course Listing
PRINTABLE VERSION - Ultimate Phone Expertise Course Listing

Selling at the Boat Show NEW!
4 segments


Segment 1- Selling at the Boat Show (Part 1)
Physical preparation; Value of image; Incorporating tablets

Segment 2 - Selling at the Boat Show (Part 2)
Mental preparation; Engaging the customer; Efficiently qualifying

Segment 3 - Selling at the Boat Show (Part 3)
Qualify, Understand, Inform, Propose; Selling the Deal 

Segment 4 - Selling at the Boat Show (Part 4)
Effective follow-up -- during the Show and post-Show; "Do's and Don'ts"

Objections Conquered! NEW!
14 segments


Segment 1 – A Definitive Look at Objections 
What objections are; Determining validity 

Segment 2 – Minimizing Objections, Part 1 
100/100/100 Rule; No shortcuts; Needs Assessments for all; Assumptive postures 

Segment 3 – Minimizing Objections, Part 2 
Building extreme value; Questions to uncover objections; Avoid absolutes; Repeat and referrals 

Segment 4 – Minimizing Objections, Part 3 
Share expectations; Under-promise to over-deliver; Theory of Contrast 

Segment 5 – Keys to Handling Objections, Part 1 
Be prepared; Don’t hear – LISTEN! Watch for buying signals; Transparency rules! 

Segment 6 – Keys to Handling Objections, Part 2 
Have perseverance; Stress value proposition; Diplomatically deny objection; Non-confrontational trial closes 

Segment 7 – Keys to Handling Objections, Part 3 
Be sold on products; Initially agree; Price is rarely the answer; Persuasive psychology 

Segment 8 – Your Price Is Too High 
Psychological tendency; Use your numbers; 3-Step Process 

Segment 9 – That’s Not Enough for My Trade 
Word tracks; Avoid the ego 

Segment 10 – I’ll Just Sell It Myself 
“Challenges with Selling Privately” 

Segment 11 – I Need to Speak to My Spouse 
Good excuse; Be proactive; Uncover the truth 

Segment 12 – I Have a Better Deal Elsewhere 
Clarify objection; Level the playing field; Build the value 

Segment 13 – What Is Your Best Price? 
Not an objection unless you treat it like one 

Segment 14 - I Need to Think About It 
Unmasking real objection; Closing on value

Prospecting & Follow-Up
10 segments


Segment 1 - Why Prospect & Follow-up
The Facts, the Benefits, the Fundamentals: Building a Permanent Contact Base
Segment 2 - Effective Follow-up on Sold & Unsold
What's in It for You; Getting Customers Back In; Standing Out from the Crowd
Segment 3 - Prospecting with Service Customers (Part 1)
Establishing Relationships with Advisors; "Volunteer Greeter"; In the Customer Lounge; "Vehicles Needed" Board
Segment 4 - Prospecting with Service Customers (Part 2)
Pro-Actively contact recent Service Customers; Approach Service Customers using an Effective Script
Segment 5 - Using Personal Social Media - Part 1
Do's and Don'ts; Content is King; Often-Made Mistakes
Segment 6 - Using Personal Social Media - Part 2
The Ability to Research Prospects; Highly Effective Way to Use Facebook for Ongoing Prospecting
Segment 7 - Miscellaneous Ideas - Part 1
Marketing to customers who bought elsewhere; Prospects Everywhere; Using business cards for self-promotion
Segment 8 - Miscellaneous Ideas - Part 2
Ask for referrals the right way; Join civic or social clubs; Get involved in community; Personal Advertisement; New promotions; Nest prospecting
Segment 9 - Miscellaneous Ideas - Part 3
Afternoon phone calls; Creating newsletters; Give special gifts
Segment 10 - Miscellaneous Ideas - Part 4
Give organized presentations to civic groups; Use PMAs; Old-fashioned cold calls; Using traffic-building letters and emails

Sales Strategies for the Highly-Informed Customer
6 segments


Segment 1 - Who Are They? How Do They Think?

Facts about Gen X and Gen Y (Millennials)                  

Segment 2 - Best Practices to Get Face-to-Face

How to engage the Highly-Informed Customer             

Segment 3 - You Get One Shot, So Make it Count

Preparation and Training              

Segment 4 - Follow-up to Edge out the Competition

Make your follow-ups work for you                      

Segment 5 - Specific Strategies to Capture the Highly-Informed

Additional key selling strategies              

Segment 6 - Providing a Superior Customer Experience

How to go above and beyond "satisfaction"


Outstanding Customer Service
7 segments

Segment 1 - Outstanding Customer Service - "The WOW Factor"
Why is outstanding customer service so vital?
Segment 2 - Fundamentals Of Outstanding Customer Service
The 10 things to ensure success
Segment 3 - Specific Techniques For Outstanding Customer Service
Easy to implement, common sense ideas
Segment 4 - The Role Of Attitude In Outstanding Customer Service
Without a great attitude, the rest is not effective
Segment 5 - Outstanding Customer Service - The Most Important Words
What you say to the customer is importan
Segment 6 - Outstanding Customer Service - Little Things Mean So Much
Things that every salesperson can (and should) do
Segment 7 - Fantastic Customer Service Is What Really Matters
Service is the real differentiator


Electronic Communications
2 segments


Segment 1 - Emails
Communicating with email

Segment 2 - Texts

Communicating with texts

Personal Motivation Strategies
10 segments

Segment 1 - All Motivation Is Personal

When successfully motivated, you can do amazing things                

Segment 2 - Creating Your Vision

Your ultimate destiny is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice                    

Segment 3 - Find Your Individual Key

The only thing over which you have complete control is your own mental attitude                       

Segment 4 - Setting and Achieving a Special Goal

If you can dream it, you can do it             

Segment 5 - Planning Your Strategy

You can and should design your life’s plan                  

Segment 6 - The Value of Focus and Willpower

The first step in developing willpower is to accept that it does exist              

Segment 7 - Do Not Stop Thinking

All motivation comes from thought                      

Segment 8 - Taking Small Steps

There is no job that cannot be done if you break it down into small pieces             

Segment 9 - Walk Away From People Who Do Not Support You

Those with whom you associate can and will change your life                     

Segment 10 - Fake It Till You Make It

Your attitude will make or break your success   

Goal Setting for Success
5 segments


Segment 1 - Why Set Goals? 
Understanding the magic of goal setting

Segment 2 - Steps to Successfully Setting Goals 
The step-by-step formula for achieving anything you desire

Segment 3 - Goals and Performance Tracking 
Recognizing and keeping up with the activities that necessary

Segment 4 - 7 Additional Fundamentals in Setting Goals 
Expands on the basic steps to success

Segment 5 - Study Backs Strategy for Achieving Goals 
Empirical evidence of the value of setting goals the correct way


Communication Skills
2 segments

Segment 1 - Understanding Non-Verbal Communication

Makes all the difference                

Segment 2 - Effective Listening

Tips & techniques    


Counseling and Needs Assessment
3 segments

Segment 1 - Information = Success

Value of relevant customer information             

Segment 2 - To Qualify or Not to Qualify

That is the REAL question            

Segment 3 - Collapsing Confrontation

If it exists, it needs to be eliminated quickly


Value Building
6 segments

Segment 1 - Pace of the Sale

The ideal pace of a retail boat transaction

Segment 2 - Trust is the Basis for Sales

Trust is the cornerstone for all sales relationships

Segment 3 - Why Should I Buy From You?

The question on every customer’s mind

Segment 4 - Price, Value or Risk?
Customers buy value not price    

Segment 5 - 15 Qualities Salespeople Should Possess

What every salesperson should know                

Segment 6 - The Road to a Purchase

6 steps consumers take and how to make the most of them


Negotiating and Closing
4 segments

Segment 1 - Cash is King

Increase down payments - increase profit                     

Segment 2 - Follow the Process

Contrast in closing skills               

Segment 3 - Theory of Contrast

Utilizing this all-important advantage                  

Segment 4 - Winning the Price War

And still make a good profit            

Success and Motivation
5 segments

Segment 1 - Your Attitude is Everything

Can make or break each and every day             

Segment 2 - Average vs. Superior, Part 1

What superior salespeople do differently                       

Segment 3 - Average vs. Superior, Part 2

What superior salespeople do differently                       

Segment 4 - Average vs. Superior, Part 3

What superior salespeople do differently                       

Segment 5 - There Are No Limits to Your Success

Believing that you can succeed                        

Specialty Success Segments
5 segments

Segment 1 - Focus on Risk

Reducing the “risk” factor       

Segment 2 - Avoiding "NO" - Creating "YES"      

Asking the right questions to create "yes" answers

Segment 3 - Why Don’t Prospects Buy?

Six reasons you must know                      

Segment 4 - Ego in the Sales Process

How to deal with ego (yours and others)            

Segment 5 -  5 Principles of Success

These principles should guide your life

3 segments


Segment 1 - Receptionist - Part 1

Philosophical & physical aspects of phone communication; Effective listening                

Segment 2 - Receptionist - Part 2

Procedural aspects of phone communication; The words to use                  

Segment 3 - Receptionist - Part 3

Effectively handling the angry customer


2-Minute Drill NEW!
76 segments


Segment 1 - Persuasive Psychology

(Negotiating / Closing) Utilizing the word "because"

Segment 2 - Maximizing Money Down

(Negotiating / Closing) Word track works wonders


Segment 3 - 7 Keys to Positivity

(Attitude) Positive beats negative every time

Segment 4 - Handling the Upset Customer

(Other) Changing the dynamics


Segment 5 - "Just Looking"

(Sales Process Training) The initial objection


Segment 6 - Psychology of the Initial Proposal

(Negotiating / Closing) How to present properly

Segment 7 - Additional Keys to Objections

(Negotiating / Closing) Handling resistance

Segment 8 - Don't Gamble with Your Success

(Sales Process Training) Increase your odds

Segment 9 - The Power of Attitude

(Attitude) Attitude is everything

Segment 10 - "Yeah, but..."

(Personal / Business Development) An impediment to change

Segment 11 - How Hard is it to Say Hello?

(Sales Process Training) Proper greeting sets the stage

Segment 12 - Life is a Choice

(Attitude) Choose wisely

Segment 13 - "I Have a Better Deal Elsewhere"

(Negotiating / Closing) Bluff, mistake, or valid?


Segment 14 - Increasing Write-Ups

(Sales Process Training) Increased write-ups equals increased sales

Segment 15 - Questions to Avoid

(Communication Skills) Don't undermine your effectiveness

Segment 16 - Optimism vs. Pessimism

(Attitude) Which do you choose?

Segment 17 - 10 Elements of Success

(Personal / Business Development) Let's get it right

Segment 18 - 11 Things Students WILL NOT Learn in School

(Other) What students don't learn in school

Segment 19 - Value of an Effective T. O.

(Sales Process Training) Second chance at a sale

Segment 20 - 9 Things To Give Up

(Other) Give up to get more


Segment 21 - 5 Things That Persuasive People Do

(Negotiating / Closing) Be a persuader of people

Segment 22 - Why Is the Buyer Anxious?

(Other) Perhaps because you are

Segment 23 - Why Did You Lose the Sale?

(Building Value) Make the necessary changes

Segment 24 - Become a Better Writer

(Communication) Emails, texts, articles, blogs

Segment 25 - Do What Is Right

(Personal / Business Development) Not sometimes - all the time

Segment 26 - Daily Activity Habits

(Personal / Business Development) Using the "Social Hour"

Segment 27 - Asking for Referrals

(Personal / Business Development) Asking the correct way


Segment 28 - Controlling Reconditioning Expense

(Negotiating / Closing) Saving gross profit              


Segment 29 - Passive Way to Ask for Referrals

(Personal / Business Development) A coward's way to referrals                   


Segment 30 - Procrastination

(Attitude) No-win situation                  


Segment 31 - Risk Factor

(Other) Lower the risk, greater the reward            

Segment 32 - How to Change a Bad Day

(Attitude) Lifting yourself up               


Segment 33 - Double Your Chances of YES

(Communication) Simple and easy technique                      

Segment 34 - Perceptions

(Other)  All that matters                     

Segment 35 - 20 Ways to Increase Sales

(Personal / Business Development) Make the most of your time                       

Segment 36 - Comfort and Familiarity

(Building Value) Keys to relaxing customers                       

Segment 37 - Smile - You Are on Display

(Attitude) Free, but invaluable                       

Segment 38 - Kill Them With Kindness

(Other) Even when customers are unkind                      

Segment 39 - Self Discipline

(Personal / Business Development) Overcoming obstacles                   

Segment 40 - Preparation Wins

(Sales Process Training) Be a Boy Scout                   

Segment 41 - Truly Listen to Understand

(Communications Skills) Don’t merely hear               

Segment 42 - Handle Resistance Like They Do in Mexico

(Negotiating / Closing) Be oblivious to “No”            

Segment 43 - Road to the Sale - Passé?

(Sales Process Training) Absolutely not!                    

Segment 44 - One More

(Personal / Business Development) Taking the extra step


Segment 45 - Every Customer Has a Problem

(Other) What customers really want from you    

 Segment 46 - Salesperson Personal Evaluation

(Personal & Business Development) Identifying challenges and opportunities        

Segment 47 - 3 Ways to Enhance Objection Responses

(Communication Skills) Ideas to communicate more effectively        


Segment 48 - Urgency in Sales

(Building Value) Create that "must-have" desire        

Segment 49 - Words Mean Things - Part 1

(Communication Skills) Choose your words to maximize impact        

Segment 50 - Words Mean Things - Part 2

(Communication Skills) Create positive association with your word choices        

Segment 51 - "I want to think about it"

(Negotiating & Closing) Your customer ALREADY THOUGHT ABOUT IT        

Segment 52 - "I can't because..."

(Attitude) Take personal responsibility for your life        

Segment 53 - Let the Mental Games Begin

(Attitude) The space between your ears        

Segment 54 - The “1 –10” Close

(Negotiating & Closing) Tackling the most common vague objection        

Segment 55 - Outstanding Customer Service - Part 1

(Building Value) The "WOW" Factor        

Segment 56 - Outstanding Customer Service - Part 2

(Building Value) Fundamentals of great service        

Segment 57 - Outstanding Customer Service - Part 3

(Building Value) Specific techniques for customer service        

Segment 58 - Outstanding Customer Service - Part 4

(Building Value) More specific techniques for customer service        

Segment 59 - Soften the Objection First

(Negotiating & Closing) Take the fight out of it              

Segment 60 - Making Objections Work for You

(Negotiating & Closing) Turn the objection into a question        

Segment 61 - Collapsing Confrontation - Part 1

(Other) Comes in many forms        

Segment 62 - Collapsing Confrontation - Part 2

(Other) Taking conflict out of the equation        

Segment 63 - Reducing to the Ridiculous
(Negotiating/Closing) Using small numbers to your advantage        

Segment 64 - The Power of the Pause
(Communication Skills) Effective listeners understand when and why to pause        

Segment 65 - Closing with Confidence, Conviction and Enthusiasm
(Attitude) Confidence is contagious        

Segment 66 - Role of Conviction in Selling
(Attitude) Conviction leads to persistence        

Segment 67 - Enthusiasm = Success
(Attitude) Enthusiasm Sells!        

Segment 68 - Fear and First Impressions
(Building Value) Using first impressions to overcome customer fear        

Segment 69 - Classic Closes: Buyer's Order
(Negotiating/Closing) Making use of assumptive questions        

Segment 70 - Classic Closes: T Close
(Negotiating/Closing) Helping customers sell themselves        

Segment 71 - Shortcuts Create Short Paychecks
(Sales Process Training) Giving 100%        

Segment 72 - Words Do Matter
(Communication Skills) Don't be nonchalant about words        

Segment 73 - Use Personal Business Development to Explode Your Career
(Personal & Business Development) Eliminating the "Hope System"        

Segment 74 - Determine to Be Different - Part 1
(Other) Rising above the competition        

Segment 75 - Determine to Be Different - Part 2
(Other) Becoming the obvious choice        

Segment 76 - Determine to Be Different - Part 3
(Other) Be the person you can be