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RV-specific Sales Training Course Catalog



We provide 
2 to 3 minute, attention-grabbing video sales training lessons that will motivate & educate RV salespeople to increase sales & gross profit.  

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2-Minute Drill NEW!
76 segments


Segment 1 - Persuasive Psychology

(Negotiating / Closing) Utilizing the word "because"

Segment 2 - Maximizing Money Down

(Negotiating / Closing) Word track works wonders


Segment 3 - 7 Keys to Positivity

(Attitude) Positive beats negative every time

Segment 4 - Handling the Upset Customer

(Other) Changing the dynamics


Segment 5 - "Just Looking"

(Sales Process Training) The initial objection


Segment 6 - Psychology of the Initial Proposal

(Negotiating / Closing) How to present properly

Segment 7 - Additional Keys to Objections

(Negotiating / Closing) Handling resistance

Segment 8 - Don't Gamble with Your Success

(Sales Process Training) Increase your odds

Segment 9 - The Power of Attitude

(Attitude) Attitude is everything

Segment 10 - "Yeah, but..."

(Personal / Business Development) An impediment to change

Segment 11 - How Hard is it to Say Hello?

(Sales Process Training) Proper greeting sets the stage

Segment 12 - Life is a Choice

(Attitude) Choose wisely

Segment 13 - "I Have a Better Deal Elsewhere"

(Negotiating / Closing) Bluff, mistake, or valid?


Segment 14 - Increasing Write-Ups

(Sales Process Training) Increased write-ups equals increased sales

Segment 15 - Questions to Avoid

(Communication Skills) Don't undermine your effectiveness

Segment 16 - Optimism vs. Pessimism

(Attitude) Which do you choose?

Segment 17 - 10 Elements of Success

(Personal / Business Development) Let's get it right

Segment 18 - 11 Things Students WILL NOT Learn in School

(Other) What students don't learn in school

Segment 19 - Value of an Effective T. O.

(Sales Process Training) Second chance at a sale

Segment 20 - 9 Things To Give Up

(Other) Give up to get more


Segment 21 - 5 Things That Persuasive People Do

(Negotiating / Closing) Be a persuader of people

Segment 22 - Why Is the Buyer Anxious?

(Other) Perhaps because you are

Segment 23 - Why Did You Lose the Sale?

(Building Value) Make the necessary changes

Segment 24 - Become a Better Writer

(Communication) Emails, texts, articles, blogs

Segment 25 - Do What Is Right

(Personal / Business Development) Not sometimes - all the time

Segment 26 - Daily Activity Habits

(Personal / Business Development) Using the "Social Hour"

Segment 27 - Asking for Referrals

(Personal / Business Development) Asking the correct way


Segment 28 - Controlling Reconditioning Expense

(Negotiating / Closing) Saving gross profit              


Segment 29 - Passive Way to Ask for Referrals

(Personal / Business Development) A coward's way to referrals                   


Segment 30 - Procrastination

(Attitude) No-win situation                  


Segment 31 - Risk Factor

(Other) Lower the risk, greater the reward            

Segment 32 - How to Change a Bad Day

(Attitude) Lifting yourself up               


Segment 33 - Double Your Chances of YES

(Communication) Simple and easy technique                      

Segment 34 - Perceptions

(Other)  All that matters                     

Segment 35 - 20 Ways to Increase Sales

(Personal / Business Development) Make the most of your time                       

Segment 36 - Comfort and Familiarity

(Building Value) Keys to relaxing customers                       

Segment 37 - Smile - You Are on Display

(Attitude) Free, but invaluable                       

Segment 38 - Kill Them With Kindness

(Other) Even when customers are unkind                      

Segment 39 - Self Discipline

(Personal / Business Development) Overcoming obstacles                   

Segment 40 - Preparation Wins

(Sales Process Training) Be a Boy Scout                   

Segment 41 - Truly Listen to Understand

(Communications Skills) Don’t merely hear               

Segment 42 - Handle Resistance Like They Do in Mexico

(Negotiating / Closing) Be oblivious to “No”            

Segment 43 - Road to the Sale - Passé?

(Sales Process Training) Absolutely not!                    

Segment 44 - One More

(Personal / Business Development) Taking the extra step


Segment 45 - Every Customer Has a Problem

(Other) What customers really want from you    

 Segment 46 - Salesperson Personal Evaluation

(Personal & Business Development) Identifying challenges and opportunities        

Segment 47 - 3 Ways to Enhance Objection Responses

(Communication Skills) Ideas to communicate more effectively        


Segment 48 - Urgency in Sales

(Building Value) Create that "must-have" desire        

Segment 49 - Words Mean Things - Part 1

(Communication Skills) Choose your words to maximize impact        

Segment 50 - Words Mean Things - Part 2

(Communication Skills) Create positive association with your word choices        

Segment 51 - "I want to think about it"

(Negotiating & Closing) Your customer ALREADY THOUGHT ABOUT IT        

Segment 52 - "I can't because..."

(Attitude) Take personal responsibility for your life        

Segment 53 - Let the Mental Games Begin

(Attitude) The space between your ears        

Segment 54 - The “1 –10” Close

(Negotiating & Closing) Tackling the most common vague objection        

Segment 55 - Outstanding Customer Service - Part 1

(Building Value) The "WOW" Factor        

Segment 56 - Outstanding Customer Service - Part 2

(Building Value) Fundamentals of great service        

Segment 57 - Outstanding Customer Service - Part 3

(Building Value) Specific techniques for customer service        

Segment 58 - Outstanding Customer Service - Part 4

(Building Value) More specific techniques for customer service        

Segment 59 - Soften the Objection First

(Negotiating & Closing) Take the fight out of it              

Segment 60 - Making Objections Work for You

(Negotiating & Closing) Turn the objection into a question        

Segment 61 - Collapsing Confrontation - Part 1

(Other) Comes in many forms        

Segment 62 - Collapsing Confrontation - Part 2

(Other) Taking conflict out of the equation   


Segment 63 - Reducing to the Ridiculous
(Negotiating/Closing) Using small numbers to your advantage        

Segment 64 - The Power of the Pause
(Communication Skills) Effective listeners understand when and why to pause        

Segment 65 - Closing with Confidence, Conviction and Enthusiasm
(Attitude) Confidence is contagious        

Segment 66 - Role of Conviction in Selling
(Attitude) Conviction leads to persistence        

Segment 67 - Enthusiasm = Success
(Attitude) Enthusiasm Sells!        

Segment 68 - Fear and First Impressions
(Building Value) Using first impressions to overcome customer fear        

Segment 69 - Classic Closes: Buyer's Order
(Negotiating/Closing) Making use of assumptive questions        

Segment 70 - Classic Closes: T Close
(Negotiating/Closing) Helping customers sell themselves        

Segment 71 - Shortcuts Create Short Paychecks
(Sales Process Training) Giving 100%        

Segment 72 - Words Do Matter
(Communication Skills) Don't be nonchalant about words        

Segment 73 - Use Personal Business Development to Explode Your Career
(Personal & Business Development) Eliminating the "Hope System"        

Segment 74 - Determine to Be Different - Part 1
(Other) Rising above the competition        

Segment 75 - Determine to Be Different - Part 2
(Other) Becoming the obvious choice        

Segment 76 - Determine to Be Different - Part 3
(Other) Be the person you can be




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